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It was by this tweet that I remembered that not only does a website purported for the sharing of iOS homescreens exist, but also that I have an account on such a site where, “around one year ago,” I posted my homescreen(s). Around one year ago, I was still 17-years-old; Pope Benedict announced his resignation as Pontiff; paralympian Oscar Pistorius was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend; the Chelyabinsk meteor crashed to Earth over Russia; and perhaps most importantly in this case, iOS 7 was only imaginary.


It was a pleasant surprise to discover my homescreens of one year ago. Since the release of iOS 7, I’ve never made it known that it took me a while to ‘stop missing’ iOS 6. As I have done with since iOS 5, I’ve been 'that person’ who takes an expectantly buggy beta OS build and installs it on his/her main device.1 As such, it took me until at least the third beta of iOS 7...

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On 31 December 2013, I sat down over coffee and began to think pensively of what I could look to ‘resolve’ in 2014.1 In honesty, the list was short, with just one 'idea’ making the cut—the same idea that has done so for at least the last four years. In my mind, I knew it was always going to my main 'resolution’, and it was quite simple, really: To write.

Yes. 'To write’. (Note that I didn’t say “To write more,” because in actual fact, I’m struggling to remember when I last sat down and put together a piece of prose with the intention of publishing it.) For what may sound almost inane to some, failing to write something substantial, of worth, incessantly scratches at my mind, and pushes me into a metaphorical corner of incommodity until I finally reach the point which I’m at now while writing this very post. Those who know me well enough will know I feel most at ease when writing, and...

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